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Adam bowers

Hi, I’m Adam.

I started Stuff Adam Likes because I love telling people about stuff that has improved my life in the hopes that it will help others as well. I hope you enjoy browsing my reviews of carefully curated stuff I like. Questions? Read the FAQs below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you handle my personal data?

I treat your data as if it was my own – with respect and great care. I will never be able to identify what or if you buy from any of the links you might click on. For all the details, please visit my Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, Cookies Notice & Disclaimer pages for more information. 

Do you recommend everything you buy and test?

Nope and nope. I create these reviews and recommendations because I thoroughly enjoy the process of doing it and love seeing others benefit from the recommendations I make. Just like when you make recommendations to your family and friends, you would never suggest something you know is bad, because your reputation is at stake. Same here. I promise to be transparent about what I like and don’t like about a given product or service, and if it’s a review on my site, you can trust that it’s worth recommending. Not every product I test makes the cut.

Do people send you free stuff?

Most of what you see here I bought with my own money. If I do receive a free sample for review, it doesn’t automatically mean I will “like” it – I follow my same rigorous testing procedure regardless. I’ll be absolutely transparent about anything I’ve received to review for free, that’s my promise to you. Even if I got something for free, I wouldn’t recommend it unless I would be willing to buy it with my own money, period. For any additional questions about this, check out my Disclaimer page.

Why should I trust your recommendations? Who are you that I should listen to you?

I follow a stringent process to ensure that the products and services I recommend are high quality and will be a great choice for most people. First, I do hours of research on a product category, scouring the web for all the information I can find. Then, I go through a proprietary selection process and land on a single option. I order that item and then test it extensively for a period of time. Or I may purchase several competing options in a particularly category, and pit them against each other in my testing. When I winner emerges, and I feel confident enough that most people will love that product or service (not just me and my particular tastes), then and only then will I create a review for Stuff Adam Likes. 

Do you partner with brands for sponsorships?

I partner with select brands that offer exceptional products and services and add measurable value to the lives of the people who enjoy Stuff Adam Likes. Interested in exploring a partnership? Contact me here.

Do you guarantee that I’ll love something you recommend?

I really wish I could, but unfortunately I can’t. Every person is different and has different tastes and unique needs, and there’s so many factors outside of my control that may impact whether you love something or not. However, I am highly confident that most people will love the products and services I recommend, taking into consideration factors like cost, value, ease of use, and durability. As you read reviews, it’s important to think about your own needs for a product or service, and evaluate the features and benefits I describe based on that understanding – some aspects may be more or less important to you than others, so it’s good to have a bit of introspection so you can narrow down the aspects that will determine whether a particular product or service is right for you.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is just a modern way of recommending products and services.  When you click on some of the links on my site, you’ll be taken to an online retailer’s website where you can purchase the product or sign up for a service, and I may receive a small commission. It’s a way of saying “thanks” for recommending great products and services to you. I’ll never know what you click on or if you buy something eventually or not. You can read more about this in my Disclaimer page. If you still have questions, please contact me.

I really like Stuff Adam Likes! How can I support you?

The biggest thing you can do to support me is share reviews of products that have been particularly helpful to you on social media / with your family and friends. This will help me cover the cost of the site and continue to buy and test products and services you may be interested in purchasing but don’t know if they’re any good.