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Angel Jackets Review

Watch my Angel Jackets Review above or shop them now (affiliate link). Or read the lightly edited transcript below.

Today we’ll be looking at Angel Jackets, an online provider of, you guessed it jackets! And other leather accessories. So let’s take a look.

For my review of Angel Jackets, I want to look at three different aspects. One of which is the company. Two is this sample product that I received from Angel Jackets, free of charge. Thank you so much Angel Jackets for giving me the chance to review this. And then finally. overall impressions. Is this Stuff Adam Likes?

Angel Jackets: My Experience with the Company

The company has offices in Chicago and they also have an office in the UK. And they are Better Business Bureau approved. They have tons of reviews and they have claims on their website about humane farming practices of the animals where their leather comes from. Of course I can’t verify any of those claims, but it’s nice that they are thinking about that. And trying to put that out there.

When it comes to the shipping experience, it was pretty fast, although the first time, unfortunately, through no fault of their own, the package got lost in Memphis, Tennessee. So even though the jackets were shipped from overseas, when the replacement was sent, it was super fast.

So definitely a very streamlined experience. It comes in a really nice bag. And even though it has to go through international customs, there were no issues on my end. I easily received the jacket without any additional effort.

In terms of a brand, they were very responsive. Customer service is something that they value pretty highly. I would just keep an eye on those shipping times, which might be a little bit longer than something shipping from within the US, but otherwise you should have a seamless experience. And if not, they have, again, pretty robust customer service that’ll help you out.

Angel Jackets: Sample Product for Review

So let’s talk about the jacket itself. I chose a polyurethane version of one of jackets. They have tons of different styles and cuts.

review of angel jackets

I went for a Motorcycle / biker style jacket. It’s not something I have. I went for it in black, which again is not something I usually wear. And so it was a piece meant to compliment my wardrobe, truly something that I did not have already. I tend to personally stay away from most leather goods. I’ve been trying to cut back. And so that’s why I went for the polyurethane option. This particular style is no longer available on the website, but they have tons of similar ones like it. They’re primarily a genuine leather provider, not necessarily a vegan leather one.

Angel Jackets legit

The stitching is excellent. There’s lots of nice detail work throughout that just shows that there is just a real attention to detail during the manufacturing process, which I really liked.

The zippers are all super high quality. I’ve never had an issue with any sort of zipping up and down throughout my testing period. And I love all the pockets. Of course, they’re part of the style, but they’re not just for decoration. You can actually use the pockets, which I appreciate, because when it’s just for decoration, it’s kind of a letdown. So not only the exterior zipper pockets, but also some internal pockets as well. Just to help keep a cell phone or other things with you. It’s a nice touch.

Angel Jackets Review

In terms of a fashion statement, I really like it. It’s very cool. It’s just like everything you would expect from, anything you would want from, a leather jacket, especially a biker jacket. It’s just got that cool appeal – that James Dean classic cool aesthetic. I don’t think it will ever truly go out of style, whether you’re a motorcyclist or not. I’m glad to have it as an addition in my overall wardrobe.

Overall Impressions of Angel Jackets

What do I think about Angel Jackets and this jacket in particular? So overall, I had a really good experience. It was very easy to communicate back and forth, especially when there was that unfortunate issue of the lost package – that was FedEx’s fault, not theirs. They were super responsive and really quick to send me out a new one, which I appreciate. Yeah. And again, I think it’s very cool. I think the price is reasonable for the quality of the products. Overall the value is there. It’s not the cheapest, but it’s also by a long shot, not the most expensive.

I think they’ve done a good job at balancing value, fit and finish, with cost and an overall experience. So overall I would recommend Angel Jackets. If you’re in the market for something like that, check them out, because again, it was a great experience. There was nothing I can complain about. And it’s a really nice jacket that’s going to serve me for years and years to come.

I would pay out of pocket for this. It’s an unconventional choice for my wardrobe, but again, it’s one of those things that I really am glad that I have now. It’s fun to spice things up and be outside the box, but they also have more traditional styles. They really have a range of styles depending on what you might be looking for out of a leather jacket. So everyone that’s my Angel Jackets review, thanks for reading!


Angel Jackets is a dapper provider of men’s and women’s outwear at fair prices. Their styles can make anyone (even me) look cool!

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